Hip Hop is a high energy class that incorporates elements of poppin’, lockin’, breaking and freestyle movements to give dancers the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Class will utilize the latest rap and pop music influenced by some of today’s best music video choreographers.


Acrobatic classes combine dance technique with precision acrobatic elements.  Dancers will learn handstands, aerials, back handsprings, etc. on a tumble track. ​    

Dance Company


Lyrical dance is a fusion of jazz and ballet techniques. This class focuses on individual emotion, expression of music and storytelling through emotion. ​



Chorus is a team of dancers who will perform synchronized musical theatre routines. Dancers will learn kick lines & stylistic moves influenced by the Radio City Rockettes. Our Chorus lines showcase PEDC as our opening and closing recital routines as well as frequently seen on the Northville parade route! ​       

Our staff consists of professionally trained, educated & certified dancer instructors with many years of dance experience.  Classes offered include Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Lyrical, Pom and Hip-Hop for beginner to advanced level students aged 2 ½ years old to adult.


​​Ballet is a classical form of dance that serves as the backbone for all other styles of dance.  Classes utilize classical music & focus on proper body alignment & structured movements to strengthen the feet, leg, turnout and proper arm carriage.       


Cecchetti is a method of training classical ballet. This class is for technique only and will not participate in our recital program. Dancers will learn a structured graded syllabus (grades 1-6) and will complete an examination in order to take the next grade.   ​       



Pointe is a continuation of our ballet program in which the body is balanced on the tip of the toe. Pointe requires a tremendous amount of strength in the dancers’ legs & feet. Proper evaluation from PEDC staff is required to determine if a dancer is ready to start pointe work.    



All of our preschool dance classes are introductions to dance. Students will learn basic terminology, develop rhythm, coordination and confidence in dance.  Class will contain elements of tap, ballet and jazz. Through movement and song children gain strength and endurance, and they challenge themselves cognitively and emotionally as well.